A specialty of HELIOMENT will be presented by a case to show distinction :

“Awareness that they can create together a new Innovation is
available at board level of companies with different expertise‘s.
Agreement at this level to work together intensively is soon
accomplished, but how will this be implemented at operational level ?
Company A provides for example the Project leader/manager due to
the fact he/she is decent and available. The team members of
Company B often feel that they are less important, caused by this
choice. Frequently the question will raise : Are the made choices
for the full 100% advantage for this project ?
This while both Companies need each other (additional expertise)
to put the new product, service into the market.
Solution : avoid unnecessary tension in the project team by hiring
(both Companies together) one experienced independent external
Project leader/manager, which is able to create a Project organisation
with a clear goal and a transparent community of interests !”

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