Technical and Financial Resource Planning and Control

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HELIOMENT has developed its own tooling suite
("HelioControl"), based on Microsoft Project and Excel.
This is to get and keep projects technically and financially in
control at Project Management assignments.

The tooling is suitable for all sorts of projects, especially to be
able to manage Technical and Financial project activities,
because human resources are very expensive in this Western
world and needs therefore to be used efficiently.

The tooling consists of Technical Detail/Milestone plans that
communicate with each other, with Dashboarding on top. Planning
updates can be done via Excel automatically and MS Project is
used where it is good in, graphical overviews with the project
dependencies of the deliverables.

Besides that, there is Financial planning part with Actuals and
Forecasting. Also here updates can be done automatically via
Excel. Also with Dashboarding, all kinds of different overviews
can be made easily.

In addition, there are also Resource Utilization overviews
in both the technical and the financial part to indicate
over/understaffing. This makes you able to eliminate staffing
issues or correct planning failures.

Especially in projects you want to see quickly and clearly what
the consequences are of changes or what the impact is of new
input. This without mistakes and of course automatically!

Finally to make the tooling set complete, a Comparison of the
Technical and Financial Planning is possible, per Activity and
per Resource, shown per month in a clear overview.

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Stream HCC
Stream Dashboard XLS (details) dashb_L_xls
Stream MS Project (details) MSP_links
Stream XLS (details) MDM_xls
All Streams HCD
All Streams Dashboard MS Project (overall) dashb_M_xls
All Streams MS Project (overall) MSP_midden
All Streams XLS (overall) TP_1
Stream_1 XLS Stream_1_xls Stream_2 XLS Stream_2_xls Stream_3 XLS Stream_3_xls
MSP Planned Resources (per activity) TP_9
Delta: MSP Planned Resources (per resource) - Availability Resources TP_12
Deliverables HCE
Deliverables Dashboard XLS (deliverables) dashb_R_xls
Deliverables Dashboard MS Project (deliverables) MSP_dashb
Deliverables MS Project (deliverables) MSP_rechts
Deliverables XLS (details) ALL_DEL_xls
Synchronise Plan HCF
Synchronise all MS Project files (details/overall/deliverables) Sync
Financials HCB
Financials (Total) Fin_1
Financials (Summmary) Fin_2
Example1: Summary per Stream Fin_3a Example2: Summary per Group Fin_3b Example3: Summary per Product Fin_3c
Financial Actuals input XLS Fin_Act Financial Forecast input XLS Fin_Forecast
Financial Planned Resources Fin_6
Delta: Financial Planned Resources - Availability Resources Fin_7
Compare Technical and Financial Plans HCA
Compare Technical and Financial Plans C2

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