HELIOMENT is a company which can help to realise projects
by doing Project Management activities : advice, consultancy,
resourcing and projects. HELIOMENT focuses at (interim)
no-nonsense Project Management or Project Management support.

HELIOMENT gives help to companies in the field of Project
Management, Technical Automation, (High-Tech) Machine
Construction, R&D and Development
and has lots of
experience with Mechatronic Multidisciplinary projects, in which
more companies can be involved.

HELIOMENT has also wide experience with (incremental and
iterative) development of technical and industrial (real-time,
embedded) systems and with complex engineering projects
(control), often with contrary interests and many obscurities.
To create order, handle priorities and manage uncertainties
besides the hectic matter of everyday is normal for employee(s)

We work and think multidisciplinary and look at the systems to
develop from a control point of view, because we already have
realised many technically high-quality machines, products and
services. One of our added values in multidisciplinary projects is
a good insight in all required expertise's. Further we can judge
concerning specifications, substantive progress and delivered

"Translating" ideas of customers in working systems and
products or achieving important company objectives, using our
communicative skills appeals to us.

Employee(s) of HELIOMENT like to optimise organisations or
projects (technical and/or business) by being human and using
normal common sense. To give direction, contents and form to
activities is normal for us, due to a practical and result driven

We want to do what they are good at, so projects are successful,
finish in time, are within budget, have a correct quality and also
contain the desired functionality.

One of the aims in projects is to put present energy at the correct
places, so projects take less time. Also we continuously check the
projects within the context of the organisation (Business Case).
The business and commercial importance of projects will be carefully

HELIOMENT can help also by doing programme / project
management activities at projects in which more companies are
involved. Expertise’s are divided over the participating companies.
HELIOMENT is not allied to one of the companies and fills in an
objective role. The importance of the project stands first.

Phrases :
    • Managing Risks / Uncertainties : These are no surprises that
       happen to you as Project Management, but you can count on
       them on basis of experience. You can handle them as planned
    • Projects frequently take more time than necessary. Due to the
       fact you have to monitor Functionality, Quality and Budget
       carefully from day one, you have more time for correcting
    • Good and Solid Project Management is an investment but
       gives rest and produces eventually much money.

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