• Has a serious passion and knows that systems, machines,
      equipment and other products are developed with
      knowledge, experience and feeling.
   • Comes to realise something (purposeful) in a short time.
   • Likes real challenges.
   • Gives form to projects, supports and saves them, so
      projects become a real success.
   • Comes to finish projects.
   • Takes project responsibility if this is required and does
      not only sell hours so that maximum involvement in
      product and customer can be realised.
   • Creates technical systems / solutions, which work reliably
      in a very short time.
   • Is human focused and believes in the appreciation of
      this attitude.
   • Each Manager has a complete set of skills:
      Technical / Financial / Administrative.
   • Has real (Technical) Project Manager(s) (also
      Prince2 / AgilePM (Practitioner) certified),
      who stand for more than 100% behind what they are doing.
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