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‘Peter van der Kolk’

Motivation: The main motive he has is to realise projects for
customers, together with a team. To create something, that is his goal.
Due to his large experience and intension, he is very soon familiar with
the application domain of the customer, at technical and organisation,
administrative, financial and any other business. His technical
background helps him with this matters. He feels responsible for
his assignments!

He can focus on all details, when this is necessary for the assignment.
This to be able to make the good choices, and creating a width basis
for all concerned parties. As a (interim) Projectlead/Project Manager
he coordinates that the whole project moves into the good direction

Specialism: Strong in "translating" thoughts of customers into
working products, services and systems, by given direction (technical
and organisation) to Development-projects (R&D), with extra focus at
System Integration.

Work experience: He has a machine control software development
background and he is specialized in Technical Automation. He has
grown via Software Architect to the level of Technical Projectlead /
Project Manager of technical projects and he has a lot of experience in
Multidisciplinary projects. Recently he has increased his experience
with Program Management Office activities, Project/Program Planning
and Resource and Demand Management. Also he has been operational
as a Financial and Project controller of complete Business/IT
Programs and managing IT projects.

Added Value: By creating customised Dashboarding-tooling with help
of Excel possibly in combination with MS Project, to get more control
over the requested Project / Program deliverables, both in planning
and financial area.

One of his added values in Multidisciplinary projects is a good insight in
all required expertise's. Further he can judge concerning specifications,
substantive progress and delivered results.

Also he has a wide experience with (incremental and iterative)
development of technical and industrial (real-time, embedded)
systems and with complex engineering projects (control).

Also he can help by doing Project Management activities at projects in
which more companies are involved. Expertise's are divided over the
participating companies. He is not allied to one of the companies and
fills in an objective role. The importance of the project stands first.

He aims for a combination of efficiency and effectiveness by
automating repetitive work in order to have more time for operational
issues. His operational attitude is fully pragmatically and he only does
things that are necessary for successful project deliveries in a short
time by working in a structured and planned manner

   • (interim) Project Control / Leading Projects, Program and/or
      Project Management (specialism: Development))
   • Crisis Management
   • Financial Management & Control
   • Streamline an organization (Technical and/or Business)
   • Optimize Development processes (at project and organization
   • Change Management
   • Project / Program / Portfolio Management Office (PMO)
   • Solving complex questions/sticking points in Development
   • Integration projects: Hard- and Software (Mechatronics)
   • Manage that organizations/departments cooperate efficiently and
      realize complete projects (also over business boundaries)

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